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Achieving Success through Peer-to-peer Inclusiv Vocational Education  for Roma Students


Vsak otrok si zasluži junaka – odraslo osebo, ki nikoli ne bo obupala nad njim, ki razume moč povezave in vztraja, da postane najboljši, kar lahko je.

Establish and Test Peer to Peer Support Model

Develop and implement a robust peer support model tailored for Roma students in VET programs.

Active Collaboration

Foster collaboration among Roma participants, volunteers, vocational education experts, school counselors, and project staff at every phase.

Share Best Practices

Facilitate the exchange of best practices, using impactful video narratives to inspire and guide other Roma individuals toward vocational education post-primary schooling.

Empowerment Through Peer Support

Empower Roma participants and volunteers through a comprehensive peer support model, enhancing employability prospects.

Inclusive Educational Landscape

Reshape the narrative around Roma inclusion in vocational education, creating an inclusive environment that nurtures educational journeys.

Wider Impact

A testament to innovation, a playbook guiding similar initiatives, and influencing organizations dedicated to inclusive education.

Joining ASPIRE4R as a volunteer means you’re part of a group that wants to break down barriers for our friends. We’re all about helping Roma students grow and giving them a chance for a future with lots of possibilities.

ASPIRE4R Volounteer


I sometimes feel lost in school, struggling with Math and English and feeling like I couldn’t catch up. With the support of friends, I got the help I needed. Now, I’m not just keeping up; I’m like school. 

Roma student


We believe in our future. It’s a chance to stand together, support each other, and create a positive path for Roma students. When we volunteer, we show the world our unity and strength

ASPIRE4R Volounteer


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